Tax Function Effectiveness

The last decade has witnessed a sustained adoption of globalization and the embracing of new technologies and this has resulted in a complete transformation in the way business is done. This period there has been accompanied by new regulatory practices , with a good number of advanced economies going ahead and implementing more rigorous corporate governance regimes. This evolving business environment has had a dramatic impact on the management of taxation by businesses.

Reporting and Compliance challenges have dominated the corporate taxation strategies and  this is not surprising considering the increasing complexity in managing the cost of taxes, both locally and globally. Governments in all the vibrant economies have been trying to put check-and-balances in order to regulate the taxation reporting and compliance – The US Sarbanes-Oxley legislation is one such example of a regulatory provision.

enQbate team has been in the middle of domestic tax restructuring as well as setting up robust framework for foreign soil expansions and set-ups, enabling it to balance the taxation needs and reporting capabilities of the organization.