Incubating leaders for the new economic order…
Chanakya, 21st Mar 2012, Posted in: blog, Engaging Real India, Grassroots Entrepreneurship,

With all due respect to the top business schools in the world, the most envied business alumni  of this planet find the business landscape way too treacherous than what they have been prepared for Рand i have witnessed first-hand the planning and precision that goes behind the architecture of the MBA syllabi of these corporate darlings. In sharp contrast, we have ample examples of street-smart entrepreneurs with very modicum of corporate mannerism, surging ahead with only their gut feeling.

Leaders rarely come with a brand, but are molded through the hot & cold treatment of severe business realities. Most of the corporations have established well funded and monitored programs to groom leaders for the new millennium, but very few can vouch that these programs are working to a plan. The infographic below serves the right components for a leadership program in the new economic world order.

For developing countries and continents like India, Africa, Pakistan, SriLanka and Brazil, it is a worthwhile exercise to extend the domain of leadership – create incubation centers for rural and semi-urban leaders. The new economic order in this world seems to be gravitating towards the rural economy and it will be a judicious plan to groom leaders from the backwaters of these countries.

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