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Common service centers (CSCs) are called the Pragya Kendras in Jharkhand and is at the center of a new financial inclusion initiative by the state government. Even after years of concerted effort between the Central govt., RBI and the various banks, the FIP (Financial inclusion plan) has managed to inch forward in only a handful of states. Technological and infrastructural barriers notwithstanding, most of the banks (Govt., Private, Rural, Cooperative) hav  Read more..

Jharkhand, like every other state of the Indian republic has been the recipient of grandiose welfare programs over the years – tailor made for election year chest-beating and TV studio drum-beatings. What trickles through these programs is at the mercy of the babus and their bosses – independent study and surveys conducted by impartial bodies have provided enough proof that these huge reservoir of funds ultimately find their way into the various illegal reservoirs managed by the p  Read more..

The newly acquired economic stardom of India is somewhat marred by the recent stats coming out of the FIP (Financial Inclusion Plan). The unbanked population of India is still in an unenviable majority and is a major agenda for RBI (Reserve Bank of India). There is hardly any flaw in the FIP road-map as drawn by RBI, but the execution of the first phase has raised serious question marks on the intent and capability of the FIP governing bodies.

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