Automating the rural wage system in Jharkhand: A litmus test for IT
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Jharkhand, like every other state of the Indian republic has been the recipient of grandiose welfare programs over the years – tailor made for election year chest-beating and TV studio drum-beatings. What trickles through these programs is at the mercy of the babus and their bosses – independent study and surveys conducted by impartial bodies have provided enough proof that these huge reservoir of funds ultimately find their way into the various illegal reservoirs managed by the politico-bureaucrat-businessmen nexus.


In this desperate times, Jharkhand, one of the economically fringe states has decided to embrace technology in order to minimize the human footprints. The well meaning decision makers of Jharkhand have decided to punch the IT card (utilize the Aadhar card – Unique Identification card) in two areas of common man’s daily needs…


  • NREGS (National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) payments¬†
  • Convert the Common Service Centers (CSCs) as an extension counter of banks

So, how will the coupling of UID and NREGS eliminate the human footprint of graft?


The pilot project is technically structured to become a direct conduit between the government (wage provider) and the common man (wage earner)…..


¬†”Against one month now, payments will reach workers’ accounts in one week,” says Ajoy Kumar Singh, NREGA commissioner, Jharkhand.


Japan has rebuilt itself thrice during the period (60 years of Indian independence) – Major world economies have reconstructed their cities and regions from scratch – China has positively countered the menace of a swelling population (just like India) and grown on to become a realistic challenger to the current superpower – Indian has been growing rich at an astonishing pace, but, just in patches. While the wealthy Indian have been regularly earning their pride of place in Forbes’ list of wealthiest, the gap between ‘India’ and ‘Bharat’ has been growing wider by the day.


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