Corporate governance has always been under the scanner – in good times as well as bad ones. The last decade has tested the mettle of corporate decision makers even more. Challenging developments on the economic front coupled with the shift in traditional economic mindsets have placed a sharper focus on the corporate governance. Start-ups, semi-urban entrepreneurs, rural innovators and budding corporate houses – the issue of business and organizational governance is more than a cause for concern – across the board.

enQbate not only works along your team, but works inside the real issues of governance. Operational inefficiencies to Risk miscalculation, Attrition rates to Declining workforce morale, Customer dissatisfaction to Non-existent dealer network – Everything can be rooted in misjudged governance.

While globalization has opened up markets and created myriad opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs, it has also added complexity to the process of governance, taxation and compliance. Global workforce and remote project execution have been accepted and adopted at all levels of economy. Good governance is no longer measured in terms of financial bottom-lines but also tested with the yardstick of – Attrition rates, Mergers and collaborations, Patents, Corporate social responsibility and customer satisfaction. enQbate understands the modern business eco-system and means business.